Eh aurat nal dekho ki hoeya chaldi train ch

The matter is of Ahmedabad-Sultanpur non stop express.The coach was traveling from Ahmedabad to Amethi along with the woman,husband and 2 year old girl named Rajarani,traveling in S-6.The woman had taken the child to the toilet, suddenly slipping his foot and going into the toilet coded.Husband Rajendra said,”After hearing the scream of the wife,I reached there and then informed TTE to the incident.

The train was stopped at the next station.Railway employees started rescue operation to remove his leg.Cut the toilet pipe from the gas cutter and cut the leg.” What does the railway officer say? Station Superintendent Om Shiv Awasthi said, “The woman’s foot was reported to be trapped in the toilet.The train was stopped for 57 minutes Toilet pipe cut off gas cutter After this,his legs turned out. Dekho eh video ch ki hoeya aurat nal ke eh video viral ho gea.

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