Aa dekho ik nau sal di kudi nal ki hoeya

The recent rise in anti-Rohingya propaganda has seen many fake images being used to malign the refugees.Advocate Prashant P Umrao posted an image on Twitter claiming that it shows a 9 yr old pregnant Rohingya girl at a UN clinic.We are the internet generation that tends to trust information circulated on its social media feed,WhatsApp messages,web searches,and general online news from sources that we consider legitimate.

The winds and flooding from the cyclone made it impossible for an ambulance to reach her at the school.Instead, a motorcycle taxi rushed her through the floodwaters to the Matundo Health Center,where she safely delivered her baby girl,Joana.Sitting at our desktops and smartphones,we mostly accept the news throw at us without verifying its genuineness.Here is a breakdown of fake/false stories that circulated on social media and was shared by media houses and public personalities to spread misinformation in the past few days.Dekho eh video te apne vichar deo kuj lok eh video nu khabr nu fake mann rahe ne te kuj sach.

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