Eh kudi ne jo kita dekh ke heran ho javoge

An Indian woman has been named the ‘Iron Queen’ after she set a record for lifting weights with her hair and ears.Asha Rani managed to lift nearly 54 kg with her curly hair tied in plaits, and nearly 32 kg with her ears, the Daily Express reported.She had to lift the weights 10 cm off the ground and hold them there for five seconds to book her place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The 23-year-old woman said she was “extremely happy” as she had managed to set the two records,adding that it was a great achievement. Rani, who belongs to Punjab, was coached by Leicester strongman Manjit Singh.Eh kudi ne jo karnama karke dikha dita oh koi hi hovega dunia te jo kar sakega.Video dekho te share kro vad to vad.
Video:Daily Post Punjabi

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